This has stayed with me, how important for us all to create our own story. As we now come out of one holiday season and enter another I reflect on my own summer, my experience, how I created my own story and continue to do so heading into winter. Ensuring rest a key part of this next chapter. 
Coming to the final stages of releasing my own book, a little voice of doubt pops up, quickly then met with excitement. I come back to this as a wonderful reminder. ‘Create your own Story.’ this grounding me back on my path, letting the opposites meet, in turn soften and doubt naturally fall away. Peace presents for a second and from here I’m ready to write the next page. 
The same prompt comes to mind as I feel overwhelmed with the messages and reminders everywhere currently to shop, party, spend, Black Friday, as Christmas creeps up. What happened to ‘Rest’ Sunday? My own story more in tune with nature this year, to slow down and recharge, just as I did during my summer holiday. When visiting Crete, I really embraced this lovely reminder. 
I arrived at the Mitsis Laguna following a friendly and warm welcome, as I was handed the key card the words flashed in front of me, ‘Create your own Story’ staying with me my entire break and more so now. 
Journalling throughout my holiday, my notes kept coming back to this important reminder and influencing my stay; for the better. 
Is it always easy to create your own story? Sounds quite simple doesn’t it then life gets in the way, pressure kicks in. Comparison takes over and you are lost in someone else’s book! 
During my stay at Mitsis, I began to embody my story. Despite hundreds of guests, the theme present throughout the hotel, to create your own story. A Mindful experience, many moments to be present, to do just this. 
When stripped away from external pressures, of course this is easier to do but simply being aware of this even when I returned home enabled me to focus a little more on myself. The decisions I continue to make for me. 
A range of activities, food, beautiful spots and bars. A variety of pools to cool off in or the sea just a few steps away. Entertainment scattered throughout the day and plenty of opportunities to do sport or exercise as it suited, with classes available too. A pool party coming alive each week. Whatever your age there was something available but nobody’s day the same. 
I enjoyed creating my own story I had decided to embody this and with that came magic, unfolding and learning so much along the way. I see that in life its in the moments where we strip it back that we see the full picture, no longer sat in tunnel vision view. That looking forward stealing today. 
Now a few months on from my visit I reflect on my amazing experience at Mitsis, that small chapter in my own story book. I was able to share a little of what I do and love whilst away and led a guided meditation for the hotel guests at sunset. The staff made this a special experience, one I won’t forget. As little lights and mats were laid out on the beach, creating this beautiful space, the sound of the waves a background to my meditation. I’m so grateful for the hospitality and extra time they shared, a page of my story never to be forgotten. 
What if life were to unfold, your story not restricted, instead unravelling in a way that feels right for you, even when that means just coming to a stop. 
Since home, I’ve continued connecting to my story, creating it, listening to me. If we get caught up in somebody else’s it is no longer our own. 
Ask yourself does anything hold you back from creating your own? 

Create your own story! 

Every sunset is a chance for us to reset. To release all the events from the day and simply arrive. Here. Now. Tune into your body and notice where you feel most relaxed, breathe into this place. 
Notice your breath. Allow the page to turn, let it go, your memories safe and once more arrive. A new blank sheet awaits. 
The sunset reminds us it’s ok to slow down, a new day will come, a new chance, but for now, be here present with where you are. 
It’s difficult to know where we are headed if we don’t even know where we are. It’s important to notice this, connect with your body and create your own story too! 
The sun always rises again. 
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