OUT NOW! ‘My little notes of self discovery Journal’. 
Now available to purchase on Amazon HERE>>
The perfect companion to my meditation and mindfulness workshops, this journal is just for you, a place for you to be free with whatever you feel you need to write. 
There is no right or wrong way to journal, it is a place solely for your own little notes of self-discovery... 
Only when you visit your thoughts are you able to be free. Not to become them but to give them space, to hold that space and see their message, their guidance. Once you have done so, you then have a choice to free them with understanding and love, or act and know what you now need to do. 
Listen to what you have to say… 
This journal can be stand alone or as a companion to my book ‘Desperate to be Loved’. 
Let the pages guide you, be free with how you use it, discover you... 
Lots of love, 
Kelly 💗 
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‘Desperate to be Loved - little notes of self discovery’ 
A journey from anxiety and fear, to love and self acceptance. 
A meditation and self-help guide to finding love, inside and out. 
You can buy 'Desperate to be Loved' at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Waterstones. Also available on Kindle. 
Now available to purchase on Amazon HERE>>
If you have already read my book, I would welcome you to review it and let me know what you think. 
Also available on Audible HERE>>
Lots of love, 
Kelly 💗 

My First Review!  

This book is beautifully written, with an honest and open approach. I can only compare it to having your best friend holding your hand, supporting and encouraging you to be you; leading you on your own path to self discovery. There is so much wisdom in the words. The experIence of the author, which she has been courageous enough to share, I believe will resonate with so many readers. It is easy to read, and I couldn’t put it down! I have been practicing Mindfulness for a year and have learnt so much from this book, but believe even those experienced in Mindfulness will gain so much from an author writing from her heart and willing to share experiences of her personal journey, overcoming her own anxiety and lack of self worth. I feel privileged to have read this beautiful book. I felt I too was on a journey, realising that we must love ourselves first, before we can even begin to experience all that life has to offer, if we just take a moment to notice. This book is truly inspirational, uplifting, full of hope and tracks a positive journey of self discovery. I thank the author for all that she has shared. I loved the meditations and the poems that were also included. I highly recommend this book. 
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