'Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.' 
My head is often full of thoughts. I know it’s natural for thoughts to come in to our minds, but when they get overwhelming it can be hard to cope, to even focus on the day-to-day. 
How can we untangle these thoughts, relieve them? Journaling helps clear the 'monkey mind'. It enables you to process your thoughts so you can listen to what you’re thinking more clearly - just as if you are whispering to yourself. By doing this we actually listen to our thoughts rather than get bombarded by them. It helps escape the cage of overwhelm and noise. 
Journaling helps our brains regulate emotions and turns our attention inwards to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings. Such a healthy way to help with anxiety and & lifts our mood. Known to reduce stress, improve our memory function as well as sharpen our brain. Writing also gives us that point of focus as well as strengthening our emotional & immune functions. Who wouldn’t want these benefits? 
There are no rules either, you can write as little or as much as you want. The gain is still great. 
Do you listen to what your thoughts are trying to tell you? Try writing them down, it’s so therapeutic. It is as though you’ve whispered these thoughts privately to yourself, your journal is just for you. Once you’ve written them down things do start to become clearer. Carrying less weight, the thoughts now on paper, having less power over you. 
Journaling is my way of expressing gratitude, reminding myself of what I want, who I am. It hugely reduces my anxiety by clearing out my thoughts, I can rationalise them - I now kindly communicate with myself. 
The simple act of putting my pen to paper allows me to express, reminds me of all the things I’ve learnt, and also see how I’ve grown. In turn I continue to combat my anxiety each and everyday. The anxiety not given free reign to feed and consume, now space available in my mind to let enjoyment show up! I summarise my thoughts (well I try, I’m not one for a quick note!) and I feel the weight lift. 
If you feel something needs shifting, put a pen in your hand with no expectation and the rest will speak for itself. Allow yourself to hear that quiet whisper. 
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