"Kelly delivered a Mindfulness session for our Company and we could not be more pleased! Kelly’s intuitive approach results in her quickly synchronising with the audience and get them engaged. Her adaptive style tailored to our needs and met our brief, and is combined with professionalism, expertise, and a clear passion for her profession. Kelly’s sessions were very educational, and her ability to demonstrate Mindfulness to the audience was astonishing. Kelly’s services are highly recommended!" 

Lunch and Learn Sessions  

1 and 2 Day Workshops 
Away-days! Make it an overnight stay away training session, and add an immersive retreat evening to bring some relaxation between your workshops. 

Work With Me 

Kelly Saward 
Coach & Speaker 
If you felt connected with my book and want to work with me, there are many ways to do this. 
I am passionate about the work I do. My desire is to share my experience alongside the wonderful things I have learnt and continue to learn. That’s why I have written my book and created my 'New Doors Are Opening' workshop too. I want to guide you towards the many doors available to you; free from fear, full of confidence, connected to love. 
Available for private and corporate events, festivals, conferences, and anything in-between. If you’re looking for a speaker or facilitator at your event, please get touch. 
Retreats and Workshops - Mindfulness & Meditation 
Group Meditation - 1-2-1 Coaching 
Confidence Building - Communication Skills 
Emotional Resilience - Anxiety Relief 
Workplace Wellbeing - Radio Presenter 
"I want to express my deep gratitude to Kelly for her incredible support. Joining her meditation circle two months ago instantly made me feel welcomed and safe. Since then, our weekly one-on-one sessions have been incredibly impactful. With Kelly's guidance, I've seen a significant reduction in my anxiety and self-doubt. She's helped me break old habits and find peace through meditation. My relationships, both with others and myself, have improved remarkably and I'm excited to continue this journey with Kelly by my side." 
New Doors are opening - 6-week online workshop - begins Wednesday 8th May, 10am-11.30am. CLICK HERE to register. 
If you’re struggling with anxiety, lacking in confidence or simply want to connect more deeply to yourself, why not book in a 1:1 call to see how I can help you? 

‘New Doors’ 

Lead With Love 
A personalised workshop for self-discovery; 
strengthen yourself and your business like never before. 
Seasonal programme available 
Workshops - Retreats - Team Building - Away days 
Connect and nourish - Journal with me 
The doors are waiting to be opened, with love... 

Stress Reduction – the first steps towards a happier team, efficiency, and success 

Care for your staff and they will care for your company 
I have worked in the property sector for over 15 years, managing my own branch for over 10 years. I understand the pressures in a professional environment. Working under pressure and to deadlines, stress can create additional issues during the day for members of your team. 

Best Holistic Workforce Stress Management Experts 2024 Buckinghamshire 

- Employee Wellness Awards 
I can help your staff, whatever their role, by creating mental space and strength, alongside looking after their wellbeing. When dealing with clients, your staff may sometimes be treated unfairly or spoken to in an unprofessional manner. Even a ‘normal’ day can be stressful.  
Although outwardly wanting to appear fine, for some these pressures are hard to take and lead to manifesting bad feelings or negativity in your workplace, as well as taking these stresses home. 
One stressed team member, struggling to cope, can impact your whole team environment and sap away morale and productivity. Mindfulness & Meditation are now widely used in the corporate world, especially in forward thinking companies who understand that their greatest asset, their staff, are proven to be happier, work better, and with less sick days or mistakes in the workplace, if their mental health is looked after. 
The benefits mindfulness provides under these circumstances are endless. Giving people the tools to become more comfortable throughout their day, connect more honestly to themselves and their colleagues, and be more energised and productive. 
This type of wellbeing is so important and genuinely reciprocated by your team as they recognise, they are being looked after and their emotional health cared about. 
I am happy to be able to offer group or individual sessions tailored specifically for professionals in your industry. The workshops and seminars I provide will give you and your team some time out of the day to experience mindfulness & meditation, bringing calm and purpose into the working environment as well as take with them valuable tools to bring to everyday life and challenges. 
My key focus is to build confidence, reduce anxiety and stress and by doing so increase resilience and productivity. 
I offer a wide range of wellbeing services to suit your needs, including full and half day wellbeing workshops, seminars, plus online options available. 
Contact me to book your session and allow your team to create space & free their potential. I am happy to travel and visit your workplace or host a group online if this is more suitable. 
Contact me to find out more. 

Want to get started, or find out more? 

Book a free, no obligation discovery call today! 
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