12 Steps to Breaking out of Anxiety 

When things feel out of control believe in yourself, preserve with small steps. I know when being given too much to do or expecting huge results the overwhelm kicks in and anxiety rises once more. 
These steps may seem simple but the exploration of each and doing little by little helps create long standing change. These small prompts enable the anxiety to soften. 

Meditation Videos 

My aim of sharing these videos with you is just to help you cultivate mindfulness and explore meditation in under 10 mins per day. Sharing tips, short meditations, a few readings (short stories and poems). 
I hope these videos help bring small pockets of calm in to your life and, in time, lifelong tools to be able to find peace in this crazy world. 

30 Day Challenge - Ease your way into Mindfulness & Meditation with Kelly 


What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is slowing down and being present, truly present, and being aware or paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, non judgementally. 

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