How I can help you 

I offer both in-person and online classes so you can access mindfulness from the comfort of your own home and discover ways to reduce stress and make you feel less anxious. 
In addition, I run regular mindfulness retreats so you can really immerse yourself in the many benefits of introducing mindfulness into your life. 

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is slowing down and being present, truly present, and being aware or paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, non judgementally. 
Mindfulness means we are present, when we can find that moment however brief where we are completely focused on whatever it is we are doing, feeling however we feel. It seems so simple “being present” but it's not… However, like anything, with practice we can achieve it… change takes time. 
When we put in the work the benefits will develop. We owe it to ourselves to create space, make time for the things that make us happy and slow down. When we do this, everything becomes clearer and calmer. 
I have been asked many times what Mindfulness & Meditation brings to me, so let me share with you where the shift really began. 
‘’Mindfulness and Meditation do not bring us anything us such, it’s what they take away from us.’’ 
Mindfulness helps us to have less stress, less distractions, less worry and can increase the happiness and enjoyment in life. It can also support us through difficult times where we can navigate change with positivity and acceptance. 
With regular practice, change occurs and we begin to see the anxiety and stress fall away. 
The more mindfulness becomes a part of our daily routine, the better we can manage these stressors and triggers when they manifest themselves. 
Through Mindfulness, I can help you regain space from your thoughts so that you can create a difference in your daily life. Helping you find your way back to the real you. 
Contact me today, to chat about Mindfulness and discover how I can help you with your journey back to you. 

Want to get started, or find out more? 

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