Playtime for the Mind Mindfulness for children aged 4-11 

Mindfulness (sometimes called Mindfulness Meditation) is simply being more aware of living in the present moment with an open and friendly awareness of what is happening within and around you, without getting carried away by the pressures of everyday life – a simple idea… but one that is not easy! 
It has been shown that children (as well as adults) benefit greatly – they are, to begin with, naturally more ‘mindful’ at a young age and there is growing evidence that Mindfulness can be a valuable tool to aid relaxation in the classroom as well as in everyday situations. The Mindfulness Now programme focuses on Mindfulness for wellbeing and Mindfulness for stress reduction, as well as providing a useful tool for resilience. 
I work with small groups of children once a week and deliver after school clubs which run for a number of sessions each term. These sessions last for approximately 45 mins, and consist of learning techniques such as simple visualisation, focusing on our breathing, accepting the thoughts we have more peacefully, and learning to focus our attention on what is actually happening in the present moment instead of worrying about the future or stressing about the past. 
I also deliver talks and workshops to year groups and individual classes. 

Connect with your Confidence Mindfulness for Teens aged 12-19 

The teenage years are highly impressionable. Many changes take place during this period in life and without the right support it can feel a lonely place. Educational needs may be met to enter the working world but what about the emotional and mental support which is vital to stand strong in the ever-changing world? 
Anxiety & Depression are on the rise, teenagers are subject to this too. On top of this they are misunderstood, and it seems to be there isn’t enough space available to simply be present; to show compassion for who they are and how they feel. 
Mindfulness and meditation provide lifelong skills to enable resilience and build confidence. Normalising self-compassion and kindness pushes back against anxiety and depression and gives way to freedom. 
Comparison, lack of self-belief and worth are evident in many teens now due to the ever-growing pressures both in person & online this leading to the increasing levels of anxiety and poor mental health. 
I provide talks and workshops for teenagers in the educational setting, as well as private 1-2-1 sessions. The aim of my sessions is to help build up confidence and strength so they can work through social pressure, anxiety and strengthen their mental health, ultimately coming to a place to be comfortable being just who they are. 
There should never be a question of ‘Am I good enough.’ 
"‘I am delighted by the work you have carried out both with staff, pupils and in clubs that is having a direct impact on pupils' wellbeing. I saw a child today counting on her hand and breathing while sitting in the sunshine. The smile on her face at the end was a picture. Thank you." 
- Headteacher 
"My 9 year old daughter has been experiencing some feelings of anxiety and so our school recommended Kelly’s Mindfulness Group. My daughter absolutely loved it. I noticed the difference in her immediately. I think she felt better knowing that she had tools and techniques to use when she was feeling worried. It also helped for her to see other children feeling the same too. Thank you Kelly!" 
- Parent 

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