Who are you really? Do you give yourself a label? 

Often we get stuck in a way of thinking, a way of being and before too long our identity is buried under many different labels, sometimes wearing so many hats the person underneath gets lost, unseen. 
Stop and ask yourself this? Who are you? What lifts you, makes you feel alive? Do you take time to really see who you are and listen to what you need? When asking yourself these questions bring some compassion through your inquiry. Bringing that kindness, you often show to others - to yourself. 
When stopping and taking time to look within we begin to understand who’s inside, what brings that smile across your face. What’s truly important to you, what matters, what works and what doesn’t. 
Nurturing ourselves opens the gateway to freedom. With gentle loving care we notice the true pleasures in life and begin to see that it’s not the new car, the bigger house, the fleeting uplifts that bring us true joy and happiness. When we really listen, finding deeper connection we begin to see it’s that feeling, its love, it’s laughter, it’s the things you can’t see. 

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.’’ 

To free ourselves from the labels, the layers we build up we must start showing more compassion and love. When practising self-care, the layers dissolve and the stress and worry over things we simply can’t control no long take hold in the same way. Living mindfully, we remove pressure and in place receive enjoyment making time to unwind and connect with those things that count, those that really make your heart sing. 
Compassion opens this door to true happiness, to love. From this place, we can live life fully enjoying each day for what it is and soothe the difficulty we inevitably at times have to face. 
Focusing on trying to change too much around us results in feeling overwhelmed. We can’t change others for they must do this themselves. By simply taking time to connect with yourself you naturally make a change within the world and are able to live and give with positivity and that all important compassion. 
The way we view ourselves matters, and practising compassion we learn to suffer with, to be with and in turn love with an open heart. Gratitude follows and this cycle brings strength and love. 
Taking each day one step at a time, we soon see these footprints leave impression and create the huge leaps forward we notice when looking back. These little moments are the special ones, the ones that make a difference, those that make the world go round. 
Compassion is strong, find your strength here. 

''Once you’ve found yourself, only then anything is possible.'' 

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