Recently I read a post on LinkedIn - someone asking advice on a new name for a wellbeing hour. I started to think, what would entice me to take an hour out of my day? The above came to me so I decided to suggest it. Then loving to write as I do, I started writing about it. 
The reason this came to mind is because to me taking these important moments, even an hour out of the day does give me power. More than that, when I make time for me I gain strength and build resilience. I see myself, I listen to what I need and with that comes compassion. 
Everything starts falling in to place when you start making time for your wellbeing. Not only do you begin feeling better, you start to understand what you need, becoming more in tune with what matters. You see more and align with your purpose, this giving you power. 
To some taking an hour out of the day to prioritise wellbeing can seem unnecessary, not as important as the growing list of priorities. Sound familiar? The thing is by taking an hour, even a moment you begin to free yourself from pressure and so much more. Your focus sharpens, prioritising comes with ease and stress far less likely. 
We’ve heard before prevention is better than cure and it’s moments like this that begin that all important journey to looking after you. Nobody wants to end up at burnout, it’s a tough place to be. 

Taking steps to protect yourself are invaluable. Mindfulness & Meditation can help you. By bringing awareness the changes unfold. Your responses alter and things that once affected you no longer take hold in the same way. 

The benefits of looking after our Mental Health are huge, transformative. My life personally has changed greatly and this all began with taking time, being aware in these moments and hours to look after myself. Listening to what I need, what’s important to me. In turn I’ve gained strength to follow what I love, prioritise what I need and indeed gain power back over my life. 
Take an hour to find your power, you won’t regret it. 
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