Reading this today it made me think, the hard decisions do indeed take us down a bumpy path. One less simple for a while but without them the route of simplicity can keep us stagnant. The depth of all we are possibly never felt, seen or heard. 
Essentially the hard decisions and the bravery guide us to what in essence is the simplest thing of all. Love. 
Time and time again through fear, we walk the road of this is ok, this is good enough for now. We hide from who we are, addictions of all forms taking hold to escape the reality we don’t want to sit in. Be it drugs, alcohol, anxiety, food, exercise whatever it may be. The reasoning behind it all often holding that familiar message. 

“People are not addicted to alcohol or drugs, they are addicted to escaping reality.” 

Why do we so infrequently want to be who we already are. Ignoring that inside knowing of what we know is right, that which eventually if we remain open leads us to the brightest of places. 
For me when I found mindfulness and meditation it gave me clarity, awareness and I could begin to see the patterns that kept showing up. Being anxious, having a drink, this easier than being with those hard decisions. 
I believe that things happen for a reason and even the hardest of lessons and challenging life experience can hold meaning if the space is held to see this. 
When we begin to take this time not to change, but to listen to what we already know. Listen to our bodies, listen to our hearts we see that all the tough lessons thrown at us guide us to what’s meant for us. The thing is do we block it or bring awareness to the message. 

Essentially the simplest thing to do is to lean in and go with it, don’t resist and be with whatever is there. Mindfulness brings us back to this each time the awareness on this very moment just as it is without judgement. 

When you surrender, you see. No effort required just being. 
The road ahead may look bleak but the sun always shines again. 
Sometimes being brave is letting go - but all is not lost as the lessons and love felt on the way part of the journey. What’s meant for you won’t pass you by. 
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