Through mindfulness we are able to be, we begin to see more. We become present. 

Lighting a candle today so much came from this very moment. I was really present as I watched the flame begin to burn, dancing so brightly. 
In life we miss so much, we feel overwhelmed and this light inside can dim. 
A candle for me is a focus point of what is inside of each of us, that light. The light that we have, beaming inside. Sometimes we don’t see it, but it’s there. 
Underneath it all, that light remains through everything. The tough times, the past, the voices in our heads. The light still glimmers but we sometimes just need to stop, and notice it. 
It can seem challenging to take a moment to pause, to get the balance right. One moment we are chasing it all, the next drowning when it all comes in, but amongst it - the moments are present yet sometimes not seen. The pause ever more needed, desired yet not taken. 

Teaching mindfulness I often come back to the simple act of noticing. To notice, to be aware you begin to see, hear and feel so much deeper. 

A candle always helps me see this. I invite you to use this to help you take short pauses, to notice and most importantly hold space to see that light. To notice the light within you. When you take these moments it all floods in, looking at that flame, being present with it you become still, you feel what’s going on. You can listen to your body. You hear what you have to say. Ideas flourish, gratitude comes through and you see that light not only in the candle but in yourself. 
Meditation can be practiced in a multitude of ways, you just need to find a way that works for you. 

Be mindful of who and what you connect with, take note of the moments when you notice more and do more of that. 

You are glowing brightly, just like the candle. This flame not only creates a beautiful reminder to pause but also holds that all important space to access all you have inside, all you need to move through. 
Take a minute, light a candle today and just be present with it, watch the flame for 60 seconds and see what you become aware of. 
Where there is light there is love, where there is love there is light. 
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