'A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.’ - Frank Zappa 
How often do we close doorways before we’ve even seen what’s on the other side. Easier to stick to what we know instead of opening up to the world of chance, opportunity? Judgements of what may happen already spilling over - in turn holding us back. 
When practising and teaching mindfulness, I see how having the ability to stay open is so beneficial. Being open to what arises - without any penalty attached. 
Mindfulness is something we all have access to. Regular practice enables us freedom from anxiety, depression, fear and so much more, including limitations we put on ourselves. 
Our minds are indeed like parachutes. If we don’t open them we can miss the endless possibilities available to us. 
How do you feel about opening your mind? 
When we find a point of stillness, the mind begins to open, the eyes see a little more. So much freedom can be found if we create space. 
When living with an open mind you can distance from what you can’t control, and get to appreciate pure enjoyment, or even process discomfort if it’s something you’re facing, without the attachment. 
Meditation is very powerful, in time it takes away judgements, noise, pressure and gives you the space to live in liberation. By being present you gain confidence, moving through your challenges more easily. Enjoying and seeing more of the life you are living. 
For this is the moment you are in, why would you want to be caught up anywhere else? 

Mindfulness, open your parachute - free yourself. 

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