Sound simple? Selfish? 
Ever ask yourself what holds you back from doing what’s right for you? 
Delaying things you really want to do, but why? Is it really down to finance, wrong timing, not being quite ready? Worrying what other people may think or feel? It’s all well and good to care for others but who are you living for? 
I genuinely love being there for other people but a time came when this was a constant priority, I slipped away from myself, I then reached burnout. Something had to change. 
When others' needs and judgements take over, it’s possible to hold yourself back from looking forward. From doing what’s right for you. 

There are always steps we can take to move ahead with what we truly want despite the limits we build up in our minds. The first step is to be where you are now, accepting things as they are rather than how you perhaps want them to be. The second is accepting that it's perfectly fine to put yourself first from time to time, it really isn’t selfish to live a life you love. 

How does being here now help you move forward with ease? 
When we start to welcome our life as it is rather than how we intend it to be we make space to think about and consider what we truly want and remove some disappointment. 
When mindful of this very moment we make room to appreciate what’s in today. To actually see it. 
By spending time caring for your mind and practising meditation this builds resilience and also creates space. It’s in this space the answers come. 
It may sound all too simple but you can begin by simply noticing what is here. 
Sat at your desk? On the train? Just stop - take a breath and notice what’s happening here for you now, how does your body feel? Are you warm? What colours are in view? 
Now if you’ve read this far and actually done these few things (thank you!) I also imagine that even if just for a second you were in the present moment whilst doing so. This is the only moment that’s happening and that’s where you are now. It’s from this place things become clear. 
When we start to build these little pockets of calm amongst all the external factors it's from here you allow moving forward to become more natural. 
It has been said that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by so allow yourself to lean in to what you face, find some peace along the way and the rest will come. 
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