Out of nowhere the rain came. Lashing down on the windows, the fine droplets quickly doubled, now larger forceful splashes fell. I watched as the raindrops continued racing each other down the windscreen. 
That sound on the roof of the car, nothing like it! I closed my eyes and I’m in the caravan again, memories flooding in warming my heart. 
Not expecting the rain at all - the sky was bright blue only moments before on my drive home. In a flash things altered, now absorbed in a new moment completely different to before. Isn’t this the same of life? Things can change in an instant and we won’t always be expecting it nor prepared for it sometimes. 
The following morning, laid in bed unable to sleep the raindrops came to mind again. Looking out my window at 4am the sky was crystal clear, not a cloud in sight, the stars twinkled so freely. Had the rain not have fallen once more, the clouds wouldn’t have cleared and this sight I see before my eyes not present. 
If we don’t give ourselves space to release our own tears and emotions our vision can remain distorted. By accepting our feelings for what they are we can move through them a little easier than before making space to see things clearer up ahead. Now able to begin noticing the beautiful moments in front of our eyes before the next one comes. 
When I stepped out of my car that rainy afternoon my foot landed in an unexpected puddle, wet through to the souls of my feet - I laughed. I felt that water beneath my foot and smiled at being alive. 
I won’t have that moment again. If we can just embrace what’s here now with a little humour attached we begin to see that just like the weather, our emotions all equally welcomed, the key being let them be present, as they are. Things come and go in their own time, the secret is to realise that being with whatever is here actually helps far more than we think. By trying to rush, it doesn’t make things go any faster. 
Whatever your own weather, feel it! Each emotion we feel different but every one brings you something new, something valuable even if you don’t immediately feel it. The lesson is right here you just need to be present, allow the space to embrace it - if you notice it or not- it will come anyway. 
In the words of Bob Marley... or quite possibly (Roger Miller): 
‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet!’ 
What will you do? 
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