Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, it brings to the front of our minds that being kind is something we need to share more of, however random it may be. This needn’t be limited to just one day, every day holds space for kindness, the message in today just highlighting this importance. 

How can you show random acts of kindness? 

This can be anything at all, and completely random. Better still, out of the blue and unplanned! The best kind of kindness if you ask me is found and felt in those spontaneous moments. 
Pause for a second… ask yourself, what does being kind mean to you? 
This could be that warm feeling when someone is really there for you. It may be holding the door open, allowing someone in front of you in the queue. Sharing a smile with that person you pass on the street. Telling someone those kind words and compliments that come to mind, not just thinking them. If you’ve had exceptionally good service, pass this on. If somebody brings value to your life, tell them. Be that ear, buy someone a coffee, there are endless opportunities everywhere. Bake someone a cake and drop it round to them. Whatever feels right, whatever speaks kindness to you. Do that, however random it feels. 
Sadly for some, delivering random acts of kindness can feel uncomfortable. 
Kind gestures arise, then get stuck as a thought in motion, the delivery of that gesture itself many times not carried out, why is this? Like almost anything in life we overthink it, then put off so many things for fear of how they will be received, judgement from others kicking in and the classic, not good enough arises and the idea shut down. For others the default to endlessly over plan and control doesn’t give way to spontaneity. These engrained patterns, some which become coping mechanisms even creep in to acts of kindness, how on earth does a good thing become tainted with the layers of social pressure and expectations? I know, reading it sounds bizarre but the truth is so many of us drown under needing control, routine. We worry, fear outcomes, unable to be present and the thought of something going wrong, looking silly or being judged takes over. 
It got me thinking, and brought to mind the random acts of kindness I’ve been on the receiving end of, how grateful I am for them and some changing my whole outlook on life, yet possibly unknown to the giver. The surprise parcels that turn up unexpectedly, that friend who checks in to see if you’re ok. That person that really heard the words spoken and held space for me to just be me, nothing more. I also thought of the joy I feel when spreading kindness myself. I love complimenting somebody, even if I don’t know them. If I see someone looking wonderful, their smile brightening my day I want to tell them. A chirpy bartender, a street busker, a stranger taking time to talk to me to pass time in the queue. Taking time to tell the delightful waitress how great she’s been during a shift that could stretch over 8 hours with little to no break. Those kind words and warm feelings could well carry her through the entire shift and she may not hand in her notice next week? We will never know the impact we have when we chose to do something that helps others motivated by genuine warm feelings. 
I also love the word random, it fits nicely with how best to live mindfully for me, welcoming the unexpected. Non-attached and as it comes without judgement! Embracing it all, the highs and lows. Random speaks for itself and these acts of kindness can be sprinkled everywhere, at any time and however you choose! Randomly! 
As human beings we like to feel love, compassion and kindness, these feelings lifting something deep inside. For me living mindfully I experience these feelings more frequently, with comfort and at ease with being open. 
If you’re reading this, share a random act of kindness. ‘The idea behind Random Act of Kindness Day is to cultivate feelings of kindness and brighten up someone's day. Every small act of kindness is significant.’ The difference we can make to someone really goes a long way. If you see somebody looking nice, tell them. If somebody made your day let them know why. Check in and see if that person is ok, don’t just think it. 
On the outside things may appear fine but quite often everybody is struggling with something they’d rather not bring to the surface. 
Globally we do need to be kinder - always. Battles are being faced every day, a simple act of kindness or support could give that person the power they need to ask for help or give them the strength to want to wake up the next day. 

'Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind - Always’  - Robin Williams 

'Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind - Always’  - Robin Williams 

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