Most people will talk the talk; few will walk the walk. Be one of those few..
...Ask yourself, who would you rather be? 
If there is one thing I’ve come to realise, it’s that if we can do anything at all in this life we must be authentic, we must quite simply be able to be ourselves. In doing this we gain confidence and happiness, sounds simple? So why doesn’t everyone do this anyway, I hear you say! 
Daily people hide behind a screen, a mask, pretending to be something they're not. They might like the idea of something but do they bring this in to their actions? I’ve been asking myself this question of late and part of my daily practice is simply to be true to who I am, it’s led me to be fully me and walk my walk each and every day, the best I can! 
Through life we are all guilty of saying bad things, swept up in conversations we go along with that aren’t always truthful or kind. We take on responsibility and do what we think we should, but do we like that behaviour or is it all for show, to fit in? 
Journeying to find yourself enables you to truly walk your walk, practice and believe the things you speak of as important. I feel I embody my truth the best I can now but for we learning, tripping over and getting back up again. I have been guilty of talking the talk myself. I’m sure we have all been guilty in some aspect of not sticking to our beliefs. 
As you grow and find yourself, some people, or things may not fit anymore, this is OK. Holding on to thoughts, feelings or even people isn’t necessary. The right ones will stay. The most important thing is to be one of the few that do align with what’s right in your heart, don’t speak bad of others, don’t hide parts of you. Live a life that’s true to you, that’s sits right with you and you will discover all the happiness right here. 
Don’t be afraid to walk your walk. 
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