Sometimes in life things arise we are not prepared for, feeling defeated it may seem like a road with no destination. How we respond helps pave the way forward. 
Mindfulness teaches us to be present, to remain open and bring awareness to things just as they are without judgement. This can be very hard to do at times but by keeping a softness in your heart and sitting with however you feel despite the challenge it enables growth with freedom. 
After a challenging few days I found myself saying I’ll try and be less … I stepped away and thought why did I say this. To try and make peace I guess, so others didn’t have to see my emotion. Not giving freedom to who you are leads to suppression, in turn can follow depression. When we suppress how we feel, who we are, the way we truly feel we close off. 
Our hearts are there to love, to be open, to feel, to express whatever emotion is inside. There is no shame in being vulnerable. It can feel uneasy, but for who? 
We are not here to be fixed, we are here to explore and grow along the way. Accepting that not all will be easy. 
We can deepen and connect to this softness in our heart during meditation. When practicing heartfulness we bring our attention to compassion, sincerity, contentment, truthfulness, and forgiveness. When we keep our heart open and lead with love it is thought we follow ‘the natural path’ 
Whatever you are facing, don’t let it suppress you, feel free to express yourself and find your inner trust, that inner child. Keep bringing your awareness back to your your heart, in return it will lead you to your natural path where you can remain open and grow forward. 
‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.’ 
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