‘From finding you a home, to finding you a home inside yourself.’ 

This is the underlying thread of most things for me, I want to feel connected. The moment that feeling of disconnect presented itself I used to feel myself shrinking, bending into different shapes. In more recent years, especially the last, more so I now notice I just step away, removing myself from these situations. It has been so incredibly hard to accept but far healthier, enabling freedom to be myself! 
When your words fall in an empty space, that pin hitting the floor, echoing like a voice shouting for help in a dark cave - it’s tough. Accepting that things change is key to being able to move through. It’s a really strange feeling when a friendship or relationship changes so much it’s unrecognisable but sometimes that’s just the way it’s meant to be and in time this space created will bring the connection you seek, the unspoken word understood. 
I have always wanted to please, to fit in, I guess. Yet parallel to this forging my own path and fiercely so when it comes from my heart; passionately following ‘The Heart’s Path.’ What I have found is that by doing so, I’m finding myself and I have accessed something inside, a real place of connection I can come back to. 
Funny really as my career has changed completely and when looking at the bigger picture I read somewhere, ‘what are your transferable skills?’ Then recently when joining a local radio station as a presenter I was asked the very same question. This got me thinking…I’ve been working in estate agency for the past 16 years, running it for the past 10 and reflecting on my ‘skills’ I started to unravel the real important parts of the job for me, what I feel most connected to, uplifted by. 
‘It’s the people’ meeting new people has always fascinated me. I love meeting new people and learning from them, feeling a connection, a similarity or simply realising they are not a bit of me yet learning something new anyway, adapting, understanding and every time taking an insight away with me. The other part of the job I really love, more so in the earlier years when I was involved on the front line, prior to management was not only seeing, but feeling the smiles and joy when someone found their home, the one! Opening the doors to the property, new doors in front of their eyes; faces lighting up. Being able to be a part of that process and handing over the keys was very heart warming. 
So, my transferable skills filter into my new business, my hearted approach and that is quite simply this. 

‘From finding you a home, to finding you a home inside yourself.’ 

I see now that through my own walk of life – (‘queue dire straits,’) that I have a deep understanding of people. I didn’t see it before, but I’m starting to get it now. I’m so passionate about the work I do, to hold a space to open the new doors that are waiting for you. To find freedom and love and be able to find that place inside where you feel at home. Standing strong, confident, resilient, and despite the turmoil that comes around us, knowing there is always that place inside of us. A place we can come home to, to feel connected, and the more strength we have here the deeper the connections we attract. 
I have recently published my first book. ‘Desperate to be Loved; little notes of self-discovery…’ 
We all want connection; we all want to feel love. In a desperation to find my ideal version of love, or what I thought it ‘should’ look like, I lost myself for a while there. I became addicted to anxiety; this was my way out. My safety net! Sounds crazy, but true. After quite a journey I started to understand what I was doing, looking for a perfect love in all the wrong places! Discoveries surfacing through writing and meditation. A new mindful way of living, things started to become a little clearer. My days became a little less fearful and my life a little brighter. My faith and connection with love restored. I share with you in this book, what helped me, the magic of feeling love and understanding, that this won’t or can’t look the same to us all. Showing up every day and trusting what you know holds so much value. Finding that home inside yourself and if you are struggling to find a way, I’m here to hold you hand. 

When we build habits from fear, we lose ourselves, when we build habits from love we find ourselves. Kelly Saward. 

Be fully you! Love you. Lead with love. 
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