Mindfulness is often thought of as an additional thing to fit in to our ever busying days but the secret is you are already doing it! You simply have to notice! The moment you notice when you notice... that’s Mindfulness - you see. It’s when you apply Mindfulness to those things you’re already doing that you begin to feel the benefits. 

That point when you notice what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what you’re seeing, this is the moment you are being Mindful. 

Take fear for example, something we all experience on some scale at a time in our lives. When you are aware you feel fearful, you are mindful of it. The moment your mind gets caught up in the fear and thoughts around it - you are not. This is a natural pattern and of course for us all distractions and thoughts will arise but the trick is just to notice when you are lost in this. Over time you begin to notice more and more and catch yourself that little bit earlier each time making it easier to access Mindfulness to break these overwhelming situations. 
Think of yourself walking, notice each time your foot connects with the ground. When you notice this you are mindful of your feet and the fact you are walking. We miss these things each day. Hundreds of moments take place and we are so caught up elsewhere that another moment passes us by. 
Mindfulness can be applied to everything and it enables you to be in the present moment and see it just as it is. Take cooking, dancing, music, singing, running and everything else besides, notice what you are doing that little bit more and you will begin to not only ‘notice’ the difference but feel it too. 
Give it a try! 
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