When I’m looking for direction I often think of this quote. What’s right may feel very difficult, many hurdles in the way - the easy route therefore preferable? 
The thing is I’ve read this quote many a time now, when facing my own decisions it pops up again and I question ‘what is right?’ but I don’t always receive this same meaning from it. Isn’t this the same with so many things that we face? Comments we receive from others? How we interpret an email? It often comes down to the mindset we are in, if our head is over spilling with thoughts is it the right time to make a big decision? 
Having a difficult time this past week, I found it very hard at times to have patience with myself and find resolve. Frustration kicking in and my mind heavy with a wealth of noise and much emotion, in turn making choices that lead to further pain and sadness. 
Without too much thought, I took myself off for a circuit breaker at what would appear a very crucial time for me. Emotion surfaced full force, yet I was patient with myself. I took plenty of time to just be, no expectations. Sitting with how I felt wasn’t easy but how ever many times I got distracted I came back to the stillness once more. Did I feel better immediately? - NO! For a while I actually felt a bit worse. Surfacing more emotion and questions for myself wasn’t easy but it was right. I know from personal experience, that for me to have this all locked inside brings me no benefit at all it just eventually manifests as pain in my physical body. 
We all have moments, periods of time where out of the blue we face challenges and feel off balance, but how we move through this makes a difference. How do we make the right choices, the best choices we know how? 
Self care is key, we can all find happiness in the form of a meal out, that day at the spa, a holiday! Of course enjoyment will be felt in external things but if there is something inside that needs addressing it will still be there when you get back. 
Finding resurrection takes time, it’s hard but the right thing can become easier if given the space and care to be heard, to be noticed and processed. Self care isn’t always a walk in the park, sometimes it’s brutal, honest and raw - yet if you can face it, it’s so beneficial. Finding strength to take a little time out especially on the bad days. 
It can be tough, pain and sadness arise but by giving yourself the time to sit with how you feel, however that looks for you and just be a little patient with yourself it really does walk you that bit further forward. To feel freedom and connect with who you are, getting the most benefit out of the moment you’re in. 
Doing the right thing won’t always be easy. We often try and act in good conscience, looking out for those close to us but often put our own needs on the back foot forgetting that making those right choices for ourselves should be principal. 
If we live making choices based on ease or even others we may never feel the magic sat just the other side of suffering. 
What’s right for you won’t always be right for everyone else. Giving yourself space and time allows you to open up to what the right thing for you may be. It's your life after all. 
Spending time in meditation isn’t always easy but in my experience it often leads you to what is right! 
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