As we roll in to a new year I look back over the past 12 months with so much gratitude. Love washes through me, not forgetting some pain, a fair share of tears, good and bad - the future well watered! Overall a warmth for the previous chapter now behind me. 

The pressure surrounding New Year can be overwhelming. Resolutions, goals, eat better, move more, the list goes on… Essentially it is just another ‘New Moment’ and that’s where to begin, that’s exactly where you are. The moments will come together making the year ahead, but take them one at a time. 

Time is a gift, each second bringing something new. Be it a lesson, love, connection, heartache, confidence, growth and so much more. We will be tested, the thought of racing ahead sometimes more appealing? Retreating back into a time that was feeling safer? 
This moment now is the one we have, we just have to show up fully to each one knowing we have everything we need to get through it. Acknowledging it’s not always easy, but believing in who we are, and trusting in all that we have makes each step a little lighter than we think. 
We may long for the sunshine in winter, wishing this time away but each season serves a purpose. Learn from nature, shed and retreat, take this time to rest, enjoy home comforts and be grateful of each season for it too brings something new. 
Be a little kinder to yourself, take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve already come. Having patience and care brings balance and clarity. Perspective also playing a huge part in our growth, the willingness to be open to a different outlook brings new opportunity as well as challenge. Things won’t always work out but that’s OK, as reportedly said by Ernest Hemingway: 

We are all broken. That's how the light gets in. 

Look after yourself, remembering that this New Year is essentially just a New Moment… remove the pressure of the whole year ahead! Today is all you need to focus on. One step at a time. 

‘Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind.’ 

Take a moment today to feel love, to smile and simply notice your breath. 
Wishing you a Happy New Moment! 
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