We all need somewhere to express truthfully that which sits inside and sometimes it can be hard to speak the words out loud. When coming from a place of love, compassion rises and truths unfold non-judgementally. Exploration of what’s inside free to flow, released and making space for new things, new ideas, a new way of living. 
It can be hard to open up to what’s within, some of which lies deep, but for me the page always listens when nobody else does. That space patiently waiting for what’s ready to be released. 
I learn mostly through feeling, when love is present my questions answered. Often if feeling overwhelmed, I start to doubt myself, I try to rush ahead and all the while losing myself again. Being fully present with how I felt scared me and I would run. 
I blocked fully feeling for a long while and living with anxiety, the habits built on fear took over my life. Anxiety became a default way of existence and gradually over time I lost sight of who I was, who I am. 
Let’s talk about it. Even if to start that’s just with yourself, the benefits are huge. If you feel anxious, do you acknowledge feeling this way? Or is the thought of it to daunting so instead the constant search for answers lies in keeping busy, avoidance and shame of feeling this way at all. 
Don’t give up on love, love carries the frequency to be with something bigger than the fear, the anxiety. It sits quietly whispering the truths, waiting and always present. That niggle of hope wants to be heard, start listening to this voice. Why does the voice of fear call louder? It doesn’t have to. 
Start celebrating the small wins, from there things become brighter. Show yourself compassion. Acknowledge how you’re feeling. 

How often do you ask yourself how you are? 

Someone asked me this very question today and rather than go with a people pleasing answer I explored this for a moment. The result of this, I didn’t fully know but by asking myself I started to gain a little more understanding to what rose. 
We all feel differently, and this is ok, welcoming unwanted feelings can increase anxiety but just for today greet it with love and see what happens. And if this feels ok, try the same thing tomorrow. 
Listen to that whisper and before you know it that voice becomes louder, and freedom follows. 
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