Do you dare to step outside your comfort zone? Not always easy! Continually working on stepping out of mine, I now see how I held myself back, and still do. If we don’t take that step, what changes? 
Change takes time, it’s continuous. 
Why again and again do we so often feel we mustn’t or shouldn’t do something? Hanging back until it’s a little warmer, a bit safer. Holding off until we’ve got a bit more money? Waiting until the right time - when is that exactly? Worried about what others will think or say? 
How often are you trapped in the village of your mind? Following the safe routes? Familiar and comfortable pathways. 
We don’t have to live this way, how about taking a different route? Opening up the world available inside your mind, in front of your eyes. Allowing the changes to come. 
The mind is such a powerful thing, yet much of the time we don’t scratch the surface of what’s available to us. 
In life we create habits, go to routines - safety systems. People come in to our lives for a little while, some a lifetime and some leave. Without realising we may hold on to people, jobs, many things which no longer serve us. This may be out of a sense of obligation, from fear. The comfort of the village surfaces once more. 
How do we leave the village? That place of comfort we seclude ourselves to in our heads? 
Letting go can be scary, things become convenient, easy? But may not necessarily be right for us anymore. 
We all change, grow and discover ourselves as we move through time. To fulfil all we are meant to be, what we are capable of. To leave that village we sometimes we need to create space and let go of what’s not meant for us anymore. Let go of what doesn’t make you feel good, or allow you to feel like you. 
Living life fully is important, being present helps us do just this. 
Sometimes it can be tough to sit with what we are facing but it truly can be the best way through. To face the obstacles in front of us. By doing just this we create space for what’s truly meant to be. We can be OK with letting some things go, making room, wiring new pathways. Having new adventures and seeing our world. 
Don’t you want to do the things that make your heart sing? Letting go is a really cleansing thing to do, it makes space for the changes waiting. This doesn’t mean to forget but to accept what’s not working, what needs to change. To step over that hurdle and realise life on the other side of it can be great! And if it isn’t do you know what - that’s OK. 
Don’t feel bad for doing what you need to do for yourself, put you first. 
Through mindfulness and meditation these doors open, the freedom arises. Things become clearer. 
Create some space for what’s meant to be... open up the world available to you and step out of your comfort zone. 
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